Selected Projects

  1. Bullet2005-2007 ( Contribution to the EC(Nest Insight)-Project, ANTISTORM, “Anthropogenic Aerosols Triggering and Invigorating Severe Storms”; Outcome: “ANTISTORM provided one of the first insights into the science of 'man- made' weather in Europe. In fact, some weather phenomena may not be as natural as commonly thought. Recent studies suggested that man-made particulate pollution can substantially increase the severity of certain storms or even trigger their inception.”

  1. Bullet2007-2010 ( Contribution to the EU Framework 6 RTD Program, Integrated Project CIRCE,, Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment.

  1. Bullet2010-2011 ( „BZ-Life“, Research collaboration of MPI-C, Mainz and Fraunhofer ISE (, Freiburg, with partner DWD, section Medizin Meteorologie, Freiburg.
    Investigation of potential degradation effects of proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells when exposed to stationary atmospheric air pollution.

  1. Bullet2012-2014 ( Contribution to the ERC Advanced Research Grant, FP7/European Research Council C8-Project,

  1. Bullet2015–2016 ( PMAp2 product validation of MPI-C, Mainz for EUMETSAT ITT 15/210839,, Darmstadt – Comparison of Metop PMAp Version 2 AOD Products using Model Data;

    Validation Reports:
    - Comparison of Metop - PMAp Version 2 AOD Products using Model Data
    - Polar Multi-Sensor Aerosol Product Validation Report

    All technical documents available from:

  1. Bullet2015–2018 ( Contribution to the H2020-EINFRA-2015-1, Energy oriented Centre of Excellence (EoCoE), DNI forecasting, Optimal operation of Concentrated Solar Power under Weather Uncertainty for the Solar Power Plant Facility of the Cyprus Institute, Pentakomo, Cyprus.

    ECHOES - The Newsletter of the EoCoE project,
    - Vol. 1, Issue 1, 10th February 2017.

    EoCoE Project deliverable: DOI
    Formulation for optimization under uncertainty,
    Cumpston, J.; Metzger, S.; Mitsos, A, Project end - September 30, 2018.

  1. Bullet 2019–2019 (EMEP): Contribution to the 2019 EMEP MSC-W & CCC & CEIP Status Report 1/2019 on "Transboundary particulate matter, photo-oxidants, acidifying and eutrophying components”, Chapter 9 (p133): EQSAM4clim (an evaluation of the aerosol thermodynamic code of Metzger et al., 2016 and Metzger et al., 2018 ). Report (pdf 31 MB) is available from .

  1. Bullet 2019—present (Eco-Serve): Contribution to point forecasts of air pollution, weather and solar. Currently PM2.5 (wet vs dry), visibility, AOD and more.

    -- Daily AOD observations : Berlin, Freiburg and Karlsruhe (all Germany).
    -- Meteogram -- 5 day forecasts : Hamburg, Oldenburg, Hannover,
  2. München, Würzburg and Freiburg.
  3. -- 5 day PM & visibility forecasts : Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel (air port).
    -- Extended MOSMIX forecasts : Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel (air port).

    Our point forecasts are based on forecasts of CAMS PM2.5, DWD MOSMIX, meteo forecasts and EEA PM observations, which all serve as input for our additional sophisticated point computations. Work is in progress.

  1. Bullet 2020—present (University of Freiburg): Collaboration with the Chair of Environmental Meteorology, Prof. Dr. Andreas Christen, on the European Research Councile (ERC) project urbisphere — coupling dynamic cities and climate (project webpage) with the DKRZ computing project on urbisphere.

  1. Bullet 2020—2021 (ECMWF): Contribution to CAMS_43: Development of global aerosol aspects of the IFS model of ECMWF.

  1. Bullet 2021—present (ECMWF): Contribution to CAMS2_35: Developments for reactive gases and aerosol in the Global System; IFS model of ECMWF.

  1. Bullet 2022—present (urbisphere -- University of Freiburg): Support of the uniWeather project of Gregor Feigel, which provides sophisticated visualisation to enable convenient real-time monitoring via an in-house developed iOS App and Swift based server framework for previewing and searching sensor data of the real-time weather sensor network in Freiburg. For details, see his
    - EGU23 presentation
    - Press release of the University of Freiburg: DE  EN
    - News article of the Badische Zeitung (DE):
    Wo die Freiburger Hitze-Spots liegen

    Download the uniWeather App from the App Store. Compatibility:
    Requires macOS 12.0 or later and a Mac with Apple Silicon chip. Requires iOS 15.0 or later. Compatible with iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.
    Consult for App support.

  1. Bullet 2024—present (HORIZON Europe: CAMAERA (101137682)): CAMS AERosol Advancement. CAMAERA will provide, for the Copernicus Service for Atmosphere Monitoring, strong improvements of the aerosol modelling capabilities, of the assimilation of new sources of data and of a better representation of secondary aerosols and their precursor gases. To achieve this, the project will develop new prototype service elements in close collaboration with the CAMS service providers and other projects.

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